Historical Crisis Cabinet 

Agenda Item:Black Plague
When Europe was in state of war, a crisis emerged. An ungodly daemon escaped from hell and brought Europe to their knees. People called it "Black Plague" to this abomination and they coulnd't find it's solution. Firstly conquered Italy and their city states. Then marched on France and jumped to Germany, in two years god's curse upon man conquered all of Christendom and by mid 1300's, nobody was safe. Popes, Kings, Dukes, Barons they were all getting sick and dying because of it. Europe bend their knees and preyed on god for salvation, while all of the wars was still raging. In this committee delegates try to win their wars and not lose their lives in process or maintaine a peaceful Christendom.

All has been looted, betrayed, sold; black death's wing flashed ahead
-Anna Akhmatova


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