Agenda Item 1:Mitigating the effects of pandemics on global trade

Agenda Item 2:Promoting sustainable development through biodiversity trade

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development or UNCTAD is a permanent
intergovernmental body established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1964. UNCTAD
is apart of the United Nations Secretariat, that reports to the General Assembly and the Economic
and Social Council, and is apart of the United Nations Development Group. UNCTAD was
created because of the growing international concerns about developing countries in international
trade, and having an intergovernmental body for these countries to voice their concerns about
expanding international trade.
UNCTAD works to support developing countries by giving access to benefits, and fully
emphasizing the collaboration between countries, the private sector, and members of civil
society. UNCTAD has the power of assisting countries in utilizing the global market,
technological assistance, and handling the potential drawbacks of global integration. Currently,
on the agenda for UNCTAD, the intergovernmental body has put full focus on accomplishing the
Sustainable Development Goals, and measures it’s successes through the Goals. UNCTAD is an
immense body in the United Nations and has annual meetings for each of the multiple
commissions it houses.


  • USG:Timur Tursun 
  • ACAS:Ata Güzeltürk